Seminar FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the National Korean Studies Seminar: (last updated 1/2/18)

  • Q: What is the 1 LAUSD salary point and 3 USC credits all about?
    • A: All educators and administrators who register, attend, and complete the 5-day NKS seminar are eligible to earn EITHER the 1 Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) salary point or 3 Continuing Education Units from University of Southern California (USC).
  • Q: I am interested in earning these points. What do I have to do?
    • A: There is nothing you need to do before the seminar. The procedure to earn these points will start when you come to the seminar in June. Again, seminar attendees must complete all 5 days of the seminar in order to be eligible to receive this point.
  • Q: So what exactly is the USC credit?
    • A: The USC credit is not exactly a semester or quarter unit, but it is a professional development credit also known as Continuing Education Units (CEU). Since the teachers who attend the seminar don’t get grades and are not taking classes at USC, they are eligible for this “professional development” credit. The purpose of this credit is for teachers who think that at some point in their life, they might transfer out the of district. It will look good on their resume and will benefit them. Salary points from LAUSD are not recognized by other districts, so paying USC the $135 provides a transcript that will validate the professional development credit. Some teachers who decide to take salary points and then decide they want later to get USC credit will NOT be able to make this change.
    • So the advantage of the $135 credit is transferable to other districts and is worth doing if a teacher thinks that they want to continue teaching, but relocate to another district or independent school.
    • 3 CEUs is the equivalent of 30 hours (1 unit = 10 hours). LAUSD gives 3 salary points when someone submits for 45 hours.  The salary points are calculated at the same rate as semester units which is 15 hours per unit.
    • Participants who choose to receive this USC credit will be asked to complete an outbound survey throughout the 5-days of the seminar, to be completed and submitted by the last day of the seminar. It will take approximately 3 hours to complete the survey.
  • Q: What time does the parking lot for the seminar venue (Korean Cultural Center of Los Angeles (KCCLA)) open?
    • A: Time may shift slightly, but as of now, KCCLA parking lot gate will open at approximately 7:20 am.  The front door of the KCCLA building will open at 7:30am, so at that time, attendees can come up (stairs and elevator available) early to the lecture hall.  Breakfast will be served from approximately 7:45 am.
  • Q: Do we have to attend all 5-days in order to receive back the $50 refundable deposit?
    • A: Yes, seminar participants must attend all 5-days of the seminar in order to have their $50 refundable deposit returned to them, and to receive the LAUSD or USC credits.
  • Q: What cost is covered for fellowship participants?
    • A: Fellowship grant will include the cost of hotel (5 nights 6 days stay). Airfare and ground transportation are NOT included. Participants must arrange their own ride to and from the airport and hotel (hotel address will be announced closer to the seminar date)
  • Q: Will food be provided?
    • A: Breakfast and lunch will be provided for all seminar participants for the 5 days of the seminar. Please inform any food allergy and/or dietary restrictions to Jini Shim: nationalkoreanstudies [at]