2019 Seminar Registration

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* Update as of Sat, Mar 2: Attendees are now eligible for up to 2 LAUSD Salary Points! By attending all 5-days of the seminar, completing the seminar daily survey, and submitting a lesson plan based on what you have learned from the seminar, all attendees can apply for one LAUSD Salary Point, but by completing the following document, attendees will be able to apply for one more LAUSD Salary Point, for a total of two points.

NKS-Worksheet for 2 salary points

All applicants, please register via Eventbrite: 


Then, mail a $50 refundable check to reserve your spot. This is our Seat Reservation Policy / Holding Deposit. All applicants must mail a refundable deposit of $50 in a form of check. The check will be returned to you on the last day of the seminar, upon your completion of the full 5-day seminar. 

  • Please make checks payable to: National Korean Studies Seminar
    And mail it to:
    Sung Kim
    16156 High Tor Dr.
    Hacienda Heights, CA 91745


If you are applying for the fellowship, you must also submit a completed action plan form. Please click here for the form: 2019 fellowship action plan

Fellowship is for those who reside 40-miles outside of Los Angeles and would like to have their hotel expenses paid for during the week of the seminar. Fellowship application is due Friday, March 15. Fellowship selections will be announced via email by Saturday, March 30.

For inquiries, please contact Jini Shim at NKSseminar@gmail.com 

Thank you very much!